Register of Procedures




The NEC advised of the process for applying for funds from the Development Fund budget of £10,000.  Applications received for development funds would be approved by the Membership and Finance Sub-Committee and submitted to the NEC for endorsement.  If time did not permit, the Chairs Group would endorse applications and then submit to the NEC.  The Chairs Group would agree the criteria for applying for funds from the development fund.


The definition of an Honorary Member is, “Honorary membership is given for exceptional contributions to BACH.  The individual must have been able to demonstrate that their input has made a difference to the Association or its role on behalf of the members.”

Honorary members:
– have the same rights as ordinary members, however, their membership fees are waived for life;
– are able to attend Regional Meetings, Conferences and the AGM.  Where there is a cost to attend the Conference, ordinary membership fees are applicable.

Nominations for honorary membership are received by the Membership and Finance Sub-Committee for selection and recommendation to the NEC, and then submitted to the AGM for approval. Selection and recommendation should be accompanied by a written citation to support the nomination. Honorary membership is likely to occur once or twice every decade and is not given as an automatic privilege for those that were BACH officers.

Honorary membership is a way of saying “thank you” and those given this award should appear on a Role of Honour along with a copy of the citation.

On special occasions Honorary members may be invited as a guest of the NEC to attend the Annual Dinner or other similar occasions.

From 2011 an Annual Award would be introduced to be presented to one member or a team for making a significant contribution to the work of BACH.