Autumn Professional Development Day 2014 Slides and Notes

Posted on 18th November 2014.





‘There are 4 sizes of qualification planned for development: 360 GLH Award, 540 GLH Subsidiary certificate, 720 GLH Certificate and 1080 GLH Diploma. These are new titles compared to the QCF versions. The 360 Award size is purely intended as a progression award. Progression routes to both employment and HE is a key part of the design, as well as meeting Tech Level DFE criteria which we intend for the three largest qualifications. (Tech level qualifications can be used toward achievement of the Technical Baccalaureate Government measure). So we recognise the need to have a BTEC which is big enough in size to allow full HE progression and recognition alongside other substantial programmes of study at 16-18.’


Additional Ofsted information


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