Tribute to Past Members

In this section BACH gives special thanks to those who have made a significant contribution to the Association .

Jack Hall  FCIOB, MPhil.

Founder member of BACH, first President and first National Chairman of the Association

“BACH was Jack’s brainchild”

The early eighties were the beginning of particularly difficult years for construction heads. Qualifications, apprenticeships, funding, and the role of employers and training organisations were rapidly changing. Colleges, the longstanding guardians of standards needed a strong ‘national’ voice to ensure that students received the best deal from these changes and that the hard earned benefits to apprentices and technicians of college provision were protected. During this Jack had also to cope with the devastation of the steel industry in South Yorkshire as well as the serious demise of apprenticeships. Jack established many innovative courses in Shirecliffe college. For example, ‘Womens Workshop’, Signwriting and Computer Numerically Controlled machinery provision. These were all leading edge at the time.

Around this time he saw the need for a national organisation, consisting of those who managed the delivery of construction education and training in the colleges.

The first national meeting of BACH took place in September 1983 at Jack’s Shirecliffe College. The college was a huge, attractive, purpose built facility which sat proudly on the top of Shirecliffe hill in Sheffield. The college specialised in construction education and training and offered a wide range of specialist provision. During Jack’s 12 years as Principal he broadened the range of provision to meet the needs of the local population and industries.

Jack Hall

Jack Hall        1930 -2013


  • Born in Cudworth village South Yorkshire
  • Earliest ambition to become an architect. His mother could not afford the tutelage fees  of £250 required at that time
  • So, he served an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery with Barnsley Corporation. Gained C&G Full Technological Certificates and National Certificates by part-time study
  • Became site manager/engineer
  • Completed two years national service in Royal Engineers, as drill sergeant.
  • Married to Barbara (a Cudworth girl) for  59 years
  • Obtained Higher National Diploma
  • Teacher trainer for 4 years at Huddersfield Poly
  • HOD Derby College and VP within 2 years
  • Continued his advanced studies in construction technology and management (on a part-time basis) passed the professional external examinations of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), becoming a Fellow.
  • Chairman of Yorkshire branch of CIOB
  • Appointed Principal of Shirecliffe College in 1972
  • Obtained  Master of Philosophy degree 1981
  • Set up the British Association of Construction Heads (BACH) 1983
  • BACH’s first National Chairman and  President
  • Retired from Principalship, Shirecliffe in 1988
  • Became a part-time inspector for a few years upon retirement


Gerald Marsh

Gerald Marsh Reed 26 May 1936 – 17 July 2011


Gerry was a founder member of BACH in 1983 and was a leading member until 2010 when he was made an Honorary Member of the Association. Gerry was very active and represented BACH on many national bodies. His contribution to the work of the Association was highly regarded and those who dealt with him professionally held him and his views with the highest regard.

Gerry became involved with BACH during his time as a lecturer at Barry College in South Wales. He was actively involved in the Institute of Carpenters and made considerable contributions to the work of City and Guilds and other awarding bodies. He was passionate about FE and will always be remembered for his ability to debate on most topics.

Gerry was an active member of the NEC and as Strategic Planning Officer created a clear sense of direction for BACH. As a member of BACH Wales he was committed to see the involvement of the four Home Nations, which he achieved.

He had many friends in BACH and was always eager to help new members find their feet. He will be sadly missed. Ray and Ian represented BACH at Gerry’s funeral in Aberdare. Our thoughts and condolences go to Marilyn and her family.