SummitSkills has been pleased to be coordinating two new Trailblazer

Posted on 30th June 2015.

22 June 2015


Trailblazer Apprenticeship Updates

SummitSkills has been pleased to be coordinating two new Trailblazer apprenticeships on behalf of employers across the sector. We’re acting as secretariat and coordinating the Plumbing and Domestic Heating Apprenticeship, as well as the Fire, Emergency and Security Apprenticeship.

Since the Plumbing and Domestic Heating standard was launched, the early stages of the assessment plan and end assessment have been in development. The draft Assessment Plan for the apprenticeship will be submitted later this year, with first starts on the new standard anticipated from September 2016.

The new standard for the Fire, Emergency and Security apprenticeship was submitted to Government this month and we expect feedback in July. The Assessment Plan for this apprenticeship is also to be submitted later this year, with first starts planned for September 2016.

We’re also working with B&ES to manage the development of a Ductwork Trailblazer. Two standards, covering BSE Ductwork Installer at Level 2, and BSE Ductwork Craftsperson at Level 3, have been submitted to Government and we hope to receive feedback next month.


Electrical & Electronic Appliance Trailblazer Apprenticeship consultation

We have been supporting a group of employers representing manufacturers and service providers from both the domestic and commercial sectors, who have joined forces to design a new Electrical, Electronic Appliance Service and Installation apprenticeship under the Government’s trailblazer scheme.

With the convergence of the computer with the television into ‘Smart TVs’, and with the advent of electronically-controlled washing machines and integration into the ‘smart’ home, there is a need for the service engineer to cover a wider range of equipment. The draft of the new Apprenticeship can be seen on our website here and comments would be appreciated. Please forward them to [email protected] before the 30th June.


European Project with AquaVET

SummitSkills is a founding member of the pan-European AquaVET project, which aims to improve the water efficiency technologies skills of the European water industry workforce.

We recently hosted a project meeting with partners from Greece, Spain and the Netherlands attending. The initial draft of Learning Outcomes relating to Water Reuse and Recycling across Europe have just been completed, and we have now started the next stage of developing training material in preparation for delivering Train-the-Trainer workshops. For more information visit the AquaVET website.

Energy Efficiency Agenda

We have been working with BIS, DECC, Green Construction Board, CITB and other partners across the ‘Energy Efficiency’ arena to look at what impact government incentives such as ECO, RHI and GDHIF are having upon the supply chain of manufacturers, consumers, employers, designers, installers and training providers upskilling the workforce from a BSE perspective.

A research team have been engaged by the CITB to collect information across over 100 reports and documents to provide direction on future policy decisions regarding how Government Departments encourage Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in both new and Retro-Fit installations. The report is being finalised over the next month and as and when it is published will be uploaded onto our website.


Welsh Apprenticeship Frameworks

Over the summer we will be engaging with employers and awarding organisations to review the current Welsh apprenticeship frameworks for the whole sector – 33 in total. The review will take into account the changes to English frameworks following the Trailblazer program and the changes to qualification regulation in England and Wales. If you’d like to take part in the review please contact [email protected]


Scottish Apprenticeships and Qualification Review

Scotland’s SVQs and Apprenticeships are currently going through a review process on the back of the latest changes to National Occupational Standards. SummitSkills is project managing this project and assisting with the development work, supported by Alan McDonald, a well-established and respected consultant in Scotland.

We’re pleased to report that work is progressing on track, with new ‘Qualifications Products’ (SVQ structures, credit and level, core skills and assessment plan) accredited for all disciplines: Electrical, Plumbing and HVACR. The sector’s Modern Apprenticeships are currently being reviewed and will be submitted to the Modern Apprenticeship Group in July.


Renewable Energy Skills Forum

Following its inaugural meeting, the Renewable Energy Skills Forum has started to work on its key actions and priorities.

The group’s role includes establishing a UK register of approved qualifications and training providers and developing a process to ensure standardisation in training materials and courses. The group will also carry out impartial monitoring and quality assurance of training delivery and will address any potential negative impact of changes to the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

The Forum includes Government (in the first year), SummitSkills, awarding organisations, the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), installers, qualifications regulators and representatives of colleges and training providers. At its first meeting, hosted by Ofgem at their Millbank offices in London, the group mapped out its key activities for the next 12 months to support the skills infrastructure needed for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

The Department of Energy & Climate Change has appointed SummitSkills to establish a permanent Renewable Energy Skills Forum in collaboration with renewable heat and training industry partners. In the first year of the forum, SummitSkills will lead the group, bringing together its members and overseeing its work.




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