Admin notes remain

Member level used for BACH members is level1.

Slider images should be 940px by 300px to fit the whole area.

One way of resizing/cropping images to the correct size is with Adobe ImageReady (part of Photoshop).

  • Load image into ImageReady
  • Click on Image, Resize Image
  • Change new width to 940, making sure that “Constrain Proportions” is still ticked so that height is calculated. This will shrink the image to the correct width.
  • Click on Image, Canvas Size
  • Change Height to 300, leaving Width at 940. This will crop the image but don’t worry, the next bit allows you to select the correct part.
  • Using the Move tool (press V on the keyboard to ensure it’s selected) you can then click/hold button on the image and move it around until the correct part of the image is showing.
  • Release mouse button when ready
  • Click File, “Save Optimised as” and give the file a new name (e.g. P1234-930×300)



Flipbook images should be at least 400px by 560px or a ratio of this (1.4).
If the image is not to this scale it will be resized dynamically and may look stretched.

A Word document can be converted into a PDF file which, in turn can then be converted into JPG images